Major School Events:

1/2/67 Train departs Spencer Street 1.25pm / arrive Timbertop 6pm

8/2/67 First night of "I UNIT A GO GO"  (dancing and playing air/broom guitar)

24/4/67 Round the Block Dash

2/5/67 Four Day Hike

21/6/67 Inca Race

27/6/67 Founders Day Races and Feast (Longest kick: Neil Moore, Limbo: Richard Wong, Blind Football etc)

12/7/67 Up Timbertop Race

29/7/67 A Unit Woodshed burnt down

9/8/67 Three Day Hike

11/10/67 "Toad of Toad Hall"

(Chris Koren (Toad), Gordie Harten (Mole), Cam Thompson (Ratty), Daisy Ball (Badger) Peter McIntosh (Washerwoman) & Crow Baulch (Horse)

13/10/67 The Title Fight (Nick Connell v Peter Latham)

11 & 12/11/67 Tony Freckleton & Neil Moore go missing

16/11/67 Marathon starts 2pm (steak at 10.45am)

28/11/67 Four Day Hike

6/12/67 Leave Timbertop


School jobs  



Flying Squad        



Unit Boiler          


Pig Feeding                

Fly Traps                    

Unit Second               

Unit Leader

Single Masters Unit





Wheelbarrow racing              

Cock fights                         

Tug o war                   

Inca Race                   

Tree climbing                      

Obstacle Race                  

Boil the billy & Fire Lighting

Bed Race

Final Unit Placings

1st D Unit

2nd H Unit

3rd G Unit  

4th I Unit

5th F Unit

6th E Unit

7th A Unit  

8th B Unit

9th C Unit



Goon Room

Extra Crossies

'Requisitions' after Sunday inspection

Carrying rocks

'Emu' paper pick up

Run to the woodshed and back 







    Film nights  (usually every second Tuesday)

    World Without Sun

    Fun in Acapulco

    Long Ships

    Whose Minding the Store

    The Running Man

    Moment to Moment

    Crooks Anonymous

    Rare Breed

    Bridge on the River Kwai

    Bedford Incident

    St Trinians Robbery

    The Plainsmen


    Other Entertainment

    Rock Fights  

    Water Fights

    Rolling Rocks off Mt Timbertop

    'Bullshit Bob' stories

    Trapping Currawongs

    Putting rocks in Pilcner’s pack

    The ropes course